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High Efficiency Showerheads

4 April 2012

The label “low flow” shower head does not sound very appealing to most. Yes, it is true that less water flows through- but that does not mean it will compromise the feeling of a nice shower. To get a good shower while using less water, modern high-efficiency showerheads use aeration, or cycling air through with the hot water. The EPA certified Water Sense showerheads are required to flow at a maximum 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm). If your showerhead is from 1995 or before used  it probably uses an average of 5.5 gpm. By getting a new efficient showerhead you have a great opportunity to save water and energy!

But let’s be honest, if there is not a good amount of spray force, I cannot get the shampoo out of my hair. Water Sense rated showerheads have a 2o psi minimum spray force requirement. This means, as long as it is EPA Water Sense qualified you will still have great shower, all while saving water and energy!

On to the best part- how much can you save? If you install showerheads a 2.5 gpm or less your household could save 2,300 gallons of hot water a year. This reduction in hot water use saves enough energy to power a television for nearly a year! After you install one don’t forget to add it to your MN Energy Challenge pledge!

Here are answers to FAQ and details on requirements of Water Sense qualifying showerheads. U.S. Department of Energy- Energy Savers

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