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30 Days of Biking

26 March 2012


Only one more week of March left- and what does that mean? It’s time to clean up your bike and get it ready for 30 Days of Biking! The idea behind 30 Days of Biking is simple, pledge to bike somewhere everyday in April, and then share your experience on social media. The distance doesn’t matter – whether you biked to the store down the street or to work 30 miles away, as long as you got on your bike.

This event was started by a couple friends from Minneapolis 2 years ago. They would share their experience on Twitter, which got recognized by others who started to join the pledge too. Read the full story of how it all started here. 30 Days of Biking is now in its 3rd year and bigger than ever. People from around the country and world are pledging to bike together throughout April. There are various group rides and events throughout the month that will help keep your motivation up!

I love biking and decided that this would be a great way to force myself into biking shape for summer
– so I registered. I am super excited to see how it goes! For many of us, myself included, all we need is that little extra push of,  “well there are thousands of other people that promised to ride their bike today, I can’t just give up”, to get on your bike and ride. Register here and join the more than 1,600 people that are already pledging to do 30 Days of Biking.

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