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Why is my butt different?

22 March 2012

TolbyYes, it’s a funny question- but I have a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) as my butt!  So today I am going to tell you the story of why my butt is different.

I am really adventurous and love to fly around a lot. But I was getting super tired and ended up not being able to stay nice and bright as long as I wanted. One day I heard about something called a compact florescent light bulb (CFL), and that it is a light that uses a bunch less energy. So I got a new butt and now I can fly around for a long time without getting tired and dim!

My new CFL butt is great because I can use a lot less energy to be nice and bright at night. This means I can stay bright easily but I also use less fuel which is better for the earth. The other fireflies get tired a lot quicker because they have to use much more energy then I do. My butt also looks a lot cooler than all of those other light bulbs because it’s all twisty! Do you have any CFL bulbs in your house?

Play this fun game and see how many CFLs you can install.

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