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What a Bummer, Energy Isn’t Free.

15 March 2012

As I am sure you know I love helping my friends save energy. There are so many great reasons why using less energy makes people happy. One is that we save money when we use less energy. WHY? Well, energy costs money!

I was getting so confused when in the summer my mom kept saying “Close the door! Money is just flying out that door”. I mean I never saw any money flying around… then I figured out that this was just her saying that letting the cold air out in the summer costs us money! This helped me understand how important it is to save energy.

Just like other things we need like food and clothes, it costs money to have your TV turn on and your fridge stay cold. This is because things that make energy like coal and oil are hard to get out of the ground and it takes a lot of people to help turn it into electricity that we can use.

Sign up for the Minnesota Energy Challenge with your family and friends and see how many actions you can do and how much money you can save! Look for my favorite actions here, and get on your way to becoming a super energy saver!

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