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$10 off LED Bulbs

9 March 2012

Light emitting diodes ( LED) are pretty great. They can last 25 years, use 80% less electricity than an incandescent, and have no mercury in them. But MAN are they pricey! The price will go down in the next couple years while the technology is developed, but in the mean time Xcel Energy is featuring $10 off LEDs. A 800 lumen  LED could be as low at $15 dollars. Definitely worth installing a couple if you are interested in cutting edge lighting and the approximate savings of up to $140 in energy costs. Find a participating retailer near you.

Just remember that you should always buy Energy Star rated bulbs. There should be a little blue Energy Star square label right on the packaging. Check out why Energy Star rating is so important. Also remember to match the lumens and try not to focus on the wattage equivalent claims.

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