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Lets recycle paper!

8 March 2012

A super way to help the earth is to not throw away paper! Remember that paper is made from trees. By recycling it, we can use less trees to make new things. A great thing that I like to do is recycle my old homework sheets – that way they can be made into new things. Recycled paper can actually be made into 2,000 different things! Everything from egg cartons, and coffee filters to band aids and lamp shades. Crazy right?!

Sometimes I also collect the paper to use for craft projects later. Click here and you can print me out on the blank side of an old piece of paper. Then color me in and put me up in your classroom or room so you will remember to recycle paper.

I like to recycle paper because I don’t want more trees being cut down to make paper. Why do you like to recycle paper?


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