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Rotten Dinosaur Food!

1 March 2012

Coal is one of my favorite things to learn about. Thats because I think it is super cool that dead plants from 300 million years ago ( when dinosaurs were all around!) are so important to our lives now. These super duper old plants  were covered with layers of dirt and baked and turned into COAL! And we get a lot of our energy from coal.




The sad thing is that when we burn coal it creates a lot of dirty smoke, just like when we burn wood or paper. This smoke can hurt the earth and make it unhealthy. It is also bad for us because it is bad for our lungs. Burning coal also releases Carbon Dioxide (CO2) which is bad for the earth. To help the earth and the people on it, we can use LESS ENERGY which uses less coal. I use less energy because I have an energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) as my butt!  Can you help me make the earth healthier and use less energy?!

:: EIA Energy Kids- Coal

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