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Want to opt out of phone books?

29 February 2012

To be completely honest I can’t remember the last time I opened a phone book to look up a business or individual’s number. Though I have used the Yellow Pages online source, as I am sure more people are. Each year about 650,00o tons of phone books are distributed, and most are not used.

And unfortunately, only 18% of phone books are recycled! So what is the environmental impact of all these (unused) phone books? “Ask Pablo” on Tree Hugger estimates 1,474,000 metric tons of CO2 is released each year in production. Despite this, I have to give some credit to Yellow Pages since their paper comes from recycled newspaper and residual wood chips.

Also, phone books do serve a purpose for some people. For those of us which they don’t, we’re in luck! The Yellow Pages now has a place to sign up to opt out of phone book delivery. No more useless phone books sittin’ around my house!

Here are a couple of interesting articles: Tree Hugger   Life cycle impact of phone books vs iphone

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