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Plug-in conversions for hybrid cars

27 February 2012

Own a hybrid and want to reduce your gas consumption even further?? ReGo  is a Minneapolis based company that will add a 4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack to your hybrid car. It is essentially the same technology as a Volt or Leaf. So what does this mean? It means that with this battery install you can increase you MPG 40%-100% and decrease your carbon emissions by 2,000 pounds a year.

And yes, I am sure a few of you are thinking- but what about electric cars in winter? ReGo has made their own improvements to the batteries including insulation and heating to help keep the batteries warm in the Minnesota climate.

 It works well in the winter, only because we’ve taken some steps to ensure it works well…When it’s plugged in, it’s warming the cells, when you unplug and drive awhile they hold that temperature.  -Garrett Ferderber, technical expert at ReGo

The conversion cost 5,000 with a 10% tax credit. Yes, this is quite pricey. Yet, the financial payback is not the main reason most invest in this. ReGo talks about payback in other ways- reducing carbon emissions, improve health related issues associated with tail pipe emissions, and to help kick our dependence on oil. It is also a lot cheaper and environmentally friendly than buying a new electric car.  ::Source ::Benefits of ReGo

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