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So what is energy?

23 February 2012

Energy is great because it  makes things happen. If we had no energy nothing would move, light up, make noise or grow. We need energy for almost everything we do! The energy that we use in our homes is called natural gas or electricity. These types of energy help our homes stay warm, have water and turn on lights and TVs. So energy is super important!

The energy in our homes can come from different places: coal, oil, water, sun, and wind. All of these are given to us by the earth. Coal and oil are called non-renewable which means that it will run out one day. Most of our power comes from these non-renewable places.  Water sun and wind are called renewable because they will never run out. So today let’s say “Thank you!” to the earth for giving us energy.

Now that we know what energy is, why do YOU need it? I need energy so I can fly arround and so my butt can light up! One of my favorite adventures is flying around and looking at all of the things that use energy. How many things can you find inside AND outside that use energy?

::More on where energy comes from

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