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Your home wants a new sweater too!

17 February 2012

This past weekend at an outreach event for the Minnesota Energy Challenge I got asked the question:

“If I am going to do one thing to my house to make it more energy efficient what should I do?”

HouseMy answer: insulation. If you want a big bang for your buck, and a great action for the health of your home, choose attic and/or wall insulation. Heating and air conditioning accounts for 55% of your energy costs, so there is vast potential for money savings. And think of it this way- it’s like putting a hat and sweater on your home.

Wall insulation sounds intense but it is a huge help for your home. If you  really look at your home, walls are the majority of the surface that is in direct contact with the frigid outside air. The cost will vary since it depends on the kind of siding, and amount and type of insulation. You will have to get a contractor to come out and give you a bid. The reduction in heating costs after wall insulation helps for a cost payback in as little as 5 years in some cases!

A big reason to get attic insulation and air sealing in Minnesota is because of ice dams. As we stated with this post on ice dams, attic insulation and air sealing will help solve the source of the problem of ice dams. If you don’t have problems with ice dams, putting attic insulation and air sealing is still a great investment that will help you avoid overspending on your heating bills.

Learn more about insulation and some financing available:

::Wall    :: Attic    :: Home Improvement Financing   ::Green Building Advisor

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