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What? Paper is made from tree slop?

16 February 2012

The other day I was thinking about where the paper in my notebook and favorite magazine comes from. I learned that although they don’t look ANYTHING alike – it comes from trees! Yep, those green leafy things that are fun to climb. So how does it work?

Trees are cut down and chopped into tiny little pieces of wood, then those pieces are made into a gloppy sloppy mixture of wooden fibers. That slop is then put into a paper machine where the paper slop is formed into a super thin layer then pressed and dried. TADA, there is paper! Click here for a video that shows how these big paper making machines work. Looks pretty crazy to me!

Even though you don’t own a paper machine, you can still make your own paper.  Its one of my favorite craft projects.  Click here to find out how.  On my homemade paper I drew a picture of my favorite tree!  What will you draw?


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