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What does that recycling word mean?

9 February 2012

Hi everyone! One of the coolest things that we can all do to help the earth is to RECYCLE. So what does that mean? Recycling means making waste, or already used things, into brand new products. An example of this is making a plastic bottle that you drank out of into a plastic toy. Things that we use every day like paper, plastic, glass and cans are all made by materials that are taken from the earth.  By recycling these things it means that less stuff has to be taken from the earth which is great!

The sign for recycling looks like three arrows in a circle like this. When you see that sign you know that you can put your bottles, cans and paper in that bin so it can be recycled. I like to create my own sign for my room so I always remember to recycle. You can click the picture, print it out and color it. I colored mine blue and yellow- my favorite colors. Then you can put it up at home and always remember to recycle!


Tolby Recycling Coloring Page!

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