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Hi everyone! I’m Tolby, the energy saving firefly.

3 February 2012

TolbyHello! Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Tolby and that stands for Turn Off Lights Behind You. I like my name because turning off lights I don’t need is one of my favorite ways to save energy.

On this blog I will be sharing a bunch of great ways to save energy. I am excited because I get to help  my energy saving friends,save more energy and have fun at the same time! Using less energy is great because it is good for the earth, saves money and is fun.

To make a big difference I need YOUR help! Look around the website, or choose from my action guide, pick a couple of your favorite energy challenge actions, and do them with your friends and family. Look for the “Tolby approved” button on the side bar to see the actions I am doing to save energy.

Remember, if you ever have any energy questions, or would like just like to say “HI!” comment on the blog posts or e-mail me at

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  1. Nancy permalink
    9 February 2012 1:04 pm

    Great job by the teenager who created this drawing! You’ve got a great career ahead of you in the arts!!!!

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