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All about e-cycling!

30 January 2012

RecycleTablets, smart phones, e-readers, 3D TVs – so much technology!  The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) estimates that Americans own an average of a whopping 24 electronic products per household. In 2009 there was a total of approximately 309 million computers, cellphones and TVs that were ready for ‘end of life management’.  With constant technology updates and short life-cycles we need to remember to dispose of old devices properly.

Among those consumers that did report throwing away a TV in the last year, 42 percent reported that they weren’t aware of recycling programs for electronics.-CEA

The great news is that 86% of consumers say it is important to recycle their electronic products. Electronics have many nasty metals in them like lead, nickel, cadmium, and mercury that can pose a risk to human health when they are not disposed of properly.

Okay, so what do you do with your 0ld electronics? Reselling or donating is a great way to increase the life of an electronic product. Ecosquid is a great site that customizes the best option, sell, donation or recycling, for your specific device.  On Earth911 you can put in your zip code  to help find recycling centers near you.

EPA e-cycling

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