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Mushroom Wall Chargers

25 January 2012

New technology alert!  This handy little battery charger developed by Braketron Inc. could help you cut down on your vampire energy waste. 

As you know, leaving a charger plugged in the wall when it is not charging anything – or when a device is fully charged – wastes energy. Many of us pay for this wasted energy because it is easy to forget to unplug your chargers all of the time. We are in LUCK. The Mushroom GreenZero Wall Charger automatically detects when a device is fully charged or unplugged and shut off. When it is shut off it will consume zero vampire energy! When you want to charge your device again, you just push the big green button- which is conveniently easy to push with your foot.

The prices start around $25.00 and comes in three forms- USB port, Micro USB port and Apple 30 pin for all your iDevices. There is also a portable mini charger.   The Mushroom charger should be out for purchase in March.


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