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Whats with all this moisture on my windows?

18 January 2012

Don’t replace your windows just yet – you might just have too much moisture in the air. There are various reasons and solutions for high humidity in your home:

“In general, problems will occur whenever there is an imbalance between the moisture input to your home and the ventilation rate of your home. The solution often lies with some combination of reducing the moisture input, increasing the ventilation, and improving the thermal performance of the building materials.” Home Energy Resource Minnesota

Our homes are like bodies- they need to BREATHE.  If your home is too air tight, it prevents your home from breathing well.  Humidity levels change with the temperature outside. Below are the recommended indoor humidity levels depending on the lowest temperature outside:

Outside Temperature (F)                 Indoor Maximum Rh (% humidity)

20+                                                            35%

0                                                                25%

20-                                                            15%

To measure your homes humidity level you need a hygrometer. They are fairly inexpensive (this one runs about $20) and are available at all hardware stores. If  the humidity is too high, the quickest way to help lower it is to use ventilation – such as turning on your kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom exhaust fan.

For more detailed overview: Home Energy Resource Minnesota

EPA Moisture Control

If you want a home assessment to help evaluate the problem further contact

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  1. 18 January 2012 1:23 pm

    And replacing your windows might not help that much – the only thing that does is result in a slightly warmer inside pane, since a little less heat travels through them.

    But I put in new double-pane windows about 5 years ago, and awoke to some -serious- condensation. The windows will be colder than the room no matter what, and if you have humidity, you’ll get condensation, IMHO…

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