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A Water-Powered Clock?

11 January 2012

Alarm The Bedol Water Clock Green

What? A water powered clock?! Yes, Bedol has come up with a digital clock that uses the electrons in water to generate a small electrolytic battery. More on how that works here. I am no electrolytic battery expert, but that sounds pretty cool to me. My first thought about this clock was, “oh man, no one is going to want fill up their bedside clock every day”. Thankfully I was wrong because the water (and a drop of lemon juice) only needs to be refreshed every 6 months. Couldn’t be much easier than that.

This is my favorite design but they come in other sleek shapes and colors. Go check out the selection of designs and get excited to have an appliance that uses no electricity!

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  1. 26 March 2012 12:13 pm

    Wow! that reminds me of the potato clocks! The price is still too high for me to buy a ‘water clock’ but the price will come down, and when it does I will have it in my living room! 🙂

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