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A Couple Energy Saving Myths

9 January 2012

1. MYTH: You can save energy by keeping your fridge full, closing it quickly, and regularly cleaning the coils.

Actually, all three of these actions are not worth your trouble. In the study done by Balsnik it was found:

  • Total use from ALL fridge door openings adds up to <50 kWh/yr, or about $5.
  • Putting water bottles in your fridge to keep it full adds up to <0.1 kWh/yr.
  • Cleaning coils – no actual savings found.

A better way to save money? How about unplugging that second fridge or freezer, especially if you are only storing a couple things in it. Unplugging a typical fridge from 1990 will save you about $171 a year and a fridge from 1993-2000 would be a savings of around $83.  Now that is some quick and easy savings! Find out how much you would save with this Energy Star fridge calculator.

2. MYTH: The best way to improve your home’s energy efficiency is to get new windows 

Think again!  About 20% of your heating and cooling costs are caused from heat loss/gain through your windows. A good example of cost savings is if you are spending $2,000 on utilities a year, you can save about $100 a year with energy efficient windows. That is not insignificant, but there are better ways to save more energy and money.

“Don’t replace your windows expecting the energy savings to pay for the project! If, however, you need to replace the windows — they are rotting, they don’t work, you are remodeling part of the house — then by all means spend the extra money to get energy-efficient windows.” +source

Alternative- insulate your walls and or attic. Although walls and roof are not as easy of a culprit to blame as your drafty windows-the largest part of your house that is in direct contact with the cold air are your walls and roof! Insulating your walls can save you about $530 a year!

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