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What everyone has been waiting for: Answers to the energy quiz!

28 December 2011

How did you do?!  Below are the correct answer highlighted in blue and include a link to more information.

1.What is the best temperature setting for your water heater, both in terms of safety and efficiency?

a.130  b.90  c.120  d.150

Setting your water heater to 120° helps save money AND reduce the risk of accidental scalding.

::Water Heater


2. How much less energy do compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) use than the old incandescents?

a.35%  b. 75%  c. 90%  d. 15%

Energy-Star rated CFLs can also last seven to ten times longer than incandescents!



3. True or False: Heating cables on your roof help solve ice dams.

Heating cables only treat the symptom, not the cause of ice dams – and they can damage your shingles and shorten the life of your roof.

::Ice Dams


4. True or False: I need to program my programmable thermostat in order to save energy.

::Programmable thermostat 


5. What percent of the energy used by your washing machine goes toward heating the water?

a.25%  b.53%  c. 9%  d.90%

Even if you still use hot water for sheets, towels and linens, you can save up to $86 a year by washing your clothes in cold water!

::Washing Clothes Cold


6. Approximately how much money could you save a year by driving the speed limit?

a. $130 b. $55 c. $310 d. $90

::Driving the limit


7. True or False: You can save $100 or more by recycling an older second fridge.

::Getting rid of your second fridge


8. What temperature should your thermostat be set at to maximize efficiency and savings while staying cozy?

a.72  b. 68  c.74   d. Depends entirely on comfort.

This one was a bit of a trick question!  In Minnesota, the average thermostat setting is 68° (set back to 60°  at night or during the day when no one is home).  However, you should set your thermostat to whatever setting is most comfortable to you and your family – there is no one right answer for everyone!

::Saving heat and money


9. Approximately how much of a home’s annual electricity use is wasted through phantom load?

a. 20% b. 5-10% c. 1% d. 25-30%

::Phantom Load


10. What uses the most energy in your home? 

a. Lighting

b. Heating water

c. Appliances (TV, microwave, ect.)

d. Heating and cooling

You might not think it with the unseasonably warm winter that we’ve been having, but the average Minnesota home spends over 50% of our energy use on heating and cooling our homes.

::Heating and Cooling


I hope you all enjoyed the quiz and have a happy New Year!

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