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Modlet- Moving Energy Saving Technology in the Right Direction

7 December 2011

Time for a Cool New Technology Review!  The Modlet (standing for “modern outlet”) developed by ThinkEco  is an innovative product to help reduce phantom load. Its design is aimed toward making energy savings more consumer friendly by being able to be monitored and managed completely from your computer. The Modlet works  by plugging directly into an electrical outlet- then you plug the appliances wanted to be monitored into it. The appliances plugged in can be scheduled through a program on your computer, to turn off automatically at a specific time every day. This helps lessen the effort required to save energy and money. You can also monitor and view your energy savings through an online program which may help take the mystery out of  savings on your utility bills.

Although this product isn’t perfect (fairly expensive,  more than one needed to save in multiple areas of your home, and cannot work with Mac) it is a great example of some creative and more consumer directed technology that is being developed for easier and more informative energy savings. I am excited to see what other products are developed in the near future to further “easy to use” energy saving products.

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