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Make Your Holidays Bright With LED Light Strings

2 December 2011

Have your holiday energy bills been eating into your gift budget?  After recycling your old holiday lights, replace them with LED light strands.  LED holiday lights are a great practical use for this advanced lighting technology. LED (light emitting diode) result in a direct beam of  light – perfect for a string of tiny lights! This contributes to the affordability of the light strands- they are only a few dollars more expensive than incandescent. LED hoiday lights are also practical for a variety of other reasons:

  • They do not heat up like incandescent bulbs which helps reduce the risk for accidental tree fire.
  • They last longer -20,000 hours or up to 40 holiday seasons!
  • And last but not least, they save 90% of energy compared to incandescent light strands. This can make a real difference since the lights are usually plugged in for long periods of time. Try this holiday light calculator to compare the energy and cost of running LED holiday lights.

LED holiday lights now come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, anywhere from traditional white to blue snowflakes. Now you can have  fun and be creative with your holiday lights this year, all while  knowing you are saving energy!

Tip: Make sure to get Energy Star-rated lights so you know they are up to standard.

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