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Give the Gift of Energy Efficiency

28 November 2011

Having a hard time finding gifts for the important people in your life?  Here are some fun and innovative energy saving gifts that will keep on giving – and maybe they’ll even spend some of those energy savings on you!

  • Water Pebble: This is a cute little gadget that will help you save water when you shower. Leave it on the floor of your shower and it registers how much water you are using. It starts flashing red when you are using too much water( based on your previous shower length). Best part is you don’t have to remember to set it every morning like other shower timers.
  • Eco -button– The Eco-button is a simple way to save energy from your computer. Simply plug it into your USP port, and press it whenever you leave your computer, weather it be for coffee or a meeting, and it will instantly put your computer into a deep sleep mode.
  • Air leak detector– for that handy, get things done person in your life- get them a hand held air leak detector.
  • LED light bulbs– LED bulbs are the next step past CFL bulbs, and they have improved significantly in the past few years to become functional and more affordable. I would suggest (after reading the WIRED article) two brands of LEDs the Phillips Ambient and the Switch 60.
  • Modlet– this “modern outlet” simply plugs into any outlet- and makes it able to automatically turn off the devices plugged into it through an online program. You can also see the energy savings through this program.
  • Goal Zero solar products– This would be a great gift for an avid outdoor enthusiast. No matter if you are on a long bike ride, camping, or hiking, these solar products give you the power to stay connected while you are away from electrical outlets.
  • Ecobee smart thermostat– This is a programmable thermostat that is more intuitive and easier to program. Through a personalized web portal you can manage your thermostat and view the details of your energy use.  It also has a “quick save” button that automatically sets your heating to save money and energy.
  • Nest thermostat- Yes, another thermostat- they are just becoming so cool. I especially like this one because of the sleek design, and how simple it is. It programs itself through automatically learning your settings in the first couple days. And no matter where you are you can access it and change the temp though your iphone or computer, and view your energy history.

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