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Save Energy This Thanksgiving

23 November 2011

Before buying out all of the canned cranberry (family favorite) and driving over to grandmas,  take a look at these easy energy saving actions. Although these are not direct energy savings  actions such as turning off lights, these actions will save natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Buy Local– cut down on the emissions used to transport your savory treats by buying food grown locally. Try and base your menu off of ingredients that can be grown locally.
  2. Bring reusable bags– Who doesn’t love reusable bags- they look cool and are more sturdy! But don’t forget them when you head out to the store – this is oddly the hardest step. If you blank and forget them- just make sure to use paper not plastic.
  3.  Avoid using paper plates and napkins- Although those paper plate designs are hard to turn down, you can significantly reduce your turkey day waste by using reusable plates and napkins.
  4. Give up pre-rinsing– Our dishwashers are made to wash our dishes- so no need wash or rinse them before.
  5. Fill up your tires– If you are driving to visit family, fill up your tires to reduce the amount of gas used. Properly inflated tires can increase your gas mileage by 3% and help your tires last longer.
  6. Don’t forget to recycle– Make sure to have a separate clearly labeled recycling bin for all of your bottles and cans!

By doing these simple actions you and the environment can have a great Thanksgiving!

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