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Composting During Winter

16 November 2011

The easiest thing to do is to just keep adding to your pile despite the freezing temperatures. Your pile may grow for a few months and stop decomposing. Even though it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, spring WILL come. And with spring comes warmer temperatures and the awakening of your compost bacteria. +source

If you want to try and keep your pile going through winter you can put small protective barriers around your compost such as covering it with a tarp or surrounding it with blocks. This will help add a small insulation barrier to prolong the time when your compost will be decomposing. You can also dig a shallow hole for your pile to insulate it.  One small tip is to not turn your compost as frequently to let out valuable heat!+source

The most tedious (but coolest!) option is vermicomposing, or composting with worms. Although it may sound gross, it is a really interesting process, and a great way to compost indoors. Setting up and using vermicompost can also be a great learning activity for kids. Another great thing about a vermicompost bin is that once winter has passed, you can move the bin outdoors if you want.  Tips on getting started.

So find what suits you best and go with it!



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