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Be Prepared for Winter Biking

9 November 2011

Biking in winter is a whole different ball game, especially with temperatures and conditions in Minnesota. Yet, with the right gear it is a great way to continue to be active and reduce pollution year-round. The most important aspects of gear for winter biking is to have all of your extremities covered (especially your face!), have proper lights, and wear a helmet.


Source and great advice on winter biking from the Toronto News

Just remember, a basic ground rule for winter biking is to just be more aware and careful!  Go slower and try your best to ride in the part of the road that is clear and salted.  Also, just remember that while you may be under control, nearby cars may not, so ride defensively and wear a bright color to be more visible to vehicles.  Here’s some advice from the city of Minneapolis on winter biking.

So go put all your gear on (you look great) and be proud to join that elite group of hardy winter bikers!

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