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Chimney Balloon

28 October 2011

In the dead of a Minnesota winter, there is nothing quite like enjoying a cozy warm fire.  Unfortunately, your fireplace is a prime spot for wasted heat and money. In the winter, 14% of your home’s heat can escape from your fireplace.  Although it does help to close the damper,, fireplace dampers are not always well-sealed devices.  To further reduce the heat leaking from your fireplace, use a chimney balloon!  These are durable plastic inflatable fireplace sealers.

In a field test on an 1100 square foot home in the Midwest, it was found that a chimney balloon made the home 27% more efficient than if there was no damper and 15% more efficient than a damper. That equals to a saving of more than $200 for the season!  Chimney Balloons are very easy to install and only cost about $40 to $80 dollars. Since you can use them for many years, the savings can add up quickly.

NOTE: Chimney balloons are designed to be in chimneys when you are not using your fireplace. If exposed to heat the balloon will simply deflate and fall into the fire– which may add some unintended excitement to a relaxing evening.

Get a Chimney Balloon!

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