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Quick Fix for Drafty Windows

26 October 2011

Well, we cannot deny it anymore – another Minnesota winter is here. For a cost-and-time-efficient way to stay warm and reduce your heating bill this winter, install shrink wrap on your windows. Wrapping your windows in window film is a great way to solve drafty windows if you are a renter or don’t want to get new windows at the moment.   Although it may not be the best looking cosmetically, it sure does the job, and each insulated window can save you an average of 18 dollars in the heating season.

Shrink wrapping your windows is extremely simple to do:

  1. Put double sided tape around the edge of your window
  2. Cut the shrink wrap to the correct size and attach to the tape
  3. Take a hair dryer and heat the shrink wrap to tighten it.

A window insulation kit costs anywhere from 5 to 20 dollars at any basic hardware or home improvement store.

+ 3M Insulating Window Energy Savings Estimator

+ How to insulate your Windows with plastic video

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