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MinnePHit House- An Extreme Energy Retrofit

14 October 2011

MinnePHitA family in Minneapolis has decided to retrofit their old home to significantly lower their energy use.  They ended up participating in the Passivhaus standard of EnerPHit which has never been done in the U.S. before.

What is Passivhaus?

Passivhaus is the highest energy efficient building standard in the world!  The standard results in buildings reducing ioverall energy consumption by 60 to 70% and reduces the energy needed to heat and cool by 90%. Passivhaus buildings are virtually air tight and heated primarily by solar. For more details of what the standard involves: Passive House Institute U.S. 

What is different about this Passivhaus renovation?

Because this project involves deeply renovating an already existing, 76 year old home, the extreme standards of Passivhaus cannot be reached.  Instead it will be EnerPHit certified-EnerPHit (Quality-Approved Energy Retrofit with Passive House Components) is the Passivhaus certification for older houses. The renovated home will operate at about 10% of a traditional old home’s energy. To put this in perspective the remodeled house will be 30% larger, but use as much energy to heat and cool the entire house as their living room currently does.

Why is this so exciting?

EnerPHit certification has never been reached in the U.S., and it is being done in one of the harshest climates in the U.S. – right here in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

:: For more information on the MinnePHit House

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