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Connect With Your Thermostat

6 October 2011

Ever go on vacation for the weekend and forget to adjust your thermostat? You don’t need to heat or cool your home as much when you’re not in it – and now new, more user-friendly programmable thermostats can help!

Older programmable thermostats were so notorious for being difficult to use that Energy Star stopped certifying them.  Now the energy efficiency industry is coming out with newer models actually designed to be easy to use!  Some programmable thermostats can now be managed anywhere you have an Internet connection, including through an application for smart phones and iPads.  Some companies also offer a tool called “comfort call” where you can give voice commands to adjust your thermostat through the phone.

And these programmable thermostats are just getting smarter and smarter.  Future products are being developed that offer features such as the ability to predetermine the temperature depending on the pricing condition. Also HVAC systems could be able to alert you if something in your system is wrong or changed through calling or text messaging you.

With these new developments, get ready to have a whole new relationship with your thermostat.

:: Thermostats Connect Consumers To The Future (Air Conditioning | Heating | Refrigeration News)

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