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Already recycle paper? Go one step further.

28 September 2011

RecycleUse paper made from 100% post consumer recycled content.  I know that using post-consumer recycled paper is great, but I was a little confused on how it is different from other types of paper made from recycled materials. 

Turns out, there are different ways that paper mills get materials to make paper:

  • Virgin paper: Paper made directly from previously unused materials (trees!).
  • Pre-consumer recycled paper: This is paper made from scraps that result from the making of envelopes, books, newspapers and magazines. These scraps have not been previously used by consumers.
  • Post-consumer recycled paper: This is paper made from paper used by consumers and then recycled.

Using paper made out of post-consumer recycled content helps close the paper recycling loop by helping to make a market for all of the paper we as the consumer recycle everyday! It is high quality and comes in varieties ranging anywhere from card stock to blue letter.

Want to start using it? Post-consumer recycled paper can be purchased at most office supply stores. Eureka Recycling also offers a great paper buying co-op program, in which consumers can pay less for recycled paper.

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  1. 24 October 2011 12:10 pm

    Really? I usually use this one when recycling “Post-consumer recycled paper”. 🙂

    John Lee
    Environmental Specialist

  2. balers permalink
    30 March 2013 9:48 pm

    Recycling paper has several benefits both for humans and the earth. Using recycled paper to make new paper reduces the number of trees that are cut down, conserving natural resources.

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