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Smart dehumidifier use

15 June 2011

DehumidifierMaintaining the proper humidity in your home is important, especially in states like Minnesota with hot, humid summers.  Too much moisture in your home can lead to indoor air quality issues, mold and damage – which is why many Minnesotans use dehumidifiers in their basement to help maintain a healthy humidity level.   Here are a few tips for smart dehumidifier use this summer:

  • Unless you have a specifically low-temp dehumidifier, don’t turn your dehumidifier on until the temperature is above 65 degrees.  If you turn your dehumidifier on when the temp in your basement is lower than 65, it can cause parts of the dehumidifier to FREEZE, causing it to cycle on and off without actually removing any moisture from the air!
  • Also, the relative humidity in the basement should be above 60% before you turn on your dehumidifier.
  • The ideal dehumidifier setting is between 40-50% relative humidity.

Last but not least, now is a great time to check the age of your dehumidifier – they typically have a useful life of just about 10 years, so if your dehumidifier is older, you should consider replacing it with an EnergyStar-qualified model.  In fact, the energy saved by an Energy Star-qualified dehumidifier could power an energy efficient fridge for 5 months!

:: Energy Challenge: Upgrade Your Dehumidifier

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