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Energy Efficiency: It’s a Recipe!

13 June 2011

One of the great things about energy efficiency is that there’s no ONE right way to be energy efficient – it’s more like a recipe.  Every home is different and every family is different – everyone can use a different mix of energy efficiency “ingredients” to help stay comfortable and reduce energy waste in your home!

It really takes three main ingredients:

  • Good products
  • Good habits
  • Good investments

HouseGood products being the good stuff we put in our homes to help reduce energy waste, like compact fluorescent light bulbs, high efficiency showerheads and new heating equipment.  It’s not just about the stuff, however – you can have two IDENTICAL homes (same size, same stuff), and one could use three times more energy because of energy habits alone.  Good habits are just as important as the stuff we put in our houses – turning off lights, taking five minute showers and washing clothes in cold water are some good examples!

Lastly, for some homes, making a good energy investment can really make a big difference for energy use, comfort and utility bills.  In Minnesota, the energy investments that have the biggest impact with the quickest payback are:

  • Attic insulation and air sealing
  • Wall insulation
  • New heating equipment (furnace or boiler)

The trick to energy efficiency isn’t to try and do everything at once, but to pick the “ingredients” that work for you and stick with them – there is always time to add more to your recipe!

:: Find good habits, products and investments on the Minnesota Energy Challenge

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