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Free webinar on new light bulb standards

18 May 2011

The most read post on this blog is this one: “Is there really going to be a ban on incandescent light bulbs?”  If you’re looking for more information on the new light bulb efficiency standard and the impact on available lighting technologies, you might want to check out an upcoming free webinar from the Clean Energy Ambassadors on Tuesday, June 21st at noon (Central):

“Lighting is still one of the most cost-effective energy-saving measures that you can recommend to your commercial or residential customers,”said Jill Cliburn, a public-power utility veteran who leads the Clean Energy Ambassadors program. “The challenge is, there are so many new lighting products available. How do you help clear up the confusion that reigns in the lighting aisle?”

Our June Webinar will help answer that question, along with concerns about the lighting standards in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which dictates the phase-out of the common 100-watt incandescent bulb.Counter to some publicity about the law, it is popular with the lighting industry, and it does not strictly outlaw the common light bulb. For example, only the 100-watt incandescent is currently on the “hit” list. Customers will be able to get a variety of traditional bulbs for the foreseeable future, including 3-way incandesents and incandescents for refrigerators and fans. But they will also be encouraged to try next-generation halogen, LED, and CFL lamps.

Webinar attendees will hear from a lighting expert who is working with LUMEN (Lighting Understanding for a More Efficient Nation), an education project of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) the American Lighting Association, Alliance to Save Energy, and about 40 other partners. They will also hear from a lighting lab expert who has worked directly with utilities on lighting outreach. For example, more than a dozen utilities in the Pacific Northwest support the Seattle Lighting Design Lab, in efforts to make sure their customers not only save energy through better lighting, but also enjoy the quality and convenience of better lighting.

:: Register Here for the Webinar

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