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How much energy is my old fridge or freezer actually using?

17 May 2011

I am trying to figure out how much electricity our freeze uses. Is there a place on line that can tell me what values I need to use and how to calculate them?

There are a few ways to find out how much energy those older appliances are using up!  First, the website does have a calculator where you can input the type, age and size of your freezer (or the model number) to calculate how much energy it may be using.

If you would like to find out exactly how much electricity your freezer is using, the best way is to use an electricity meter.  Depending on where you live, your local library system may have some that you can check out for free.   Power Check Meters may be reserved online through the Hennepin County Library catalog (keyword search on Power Check) for pick up at any Hennepin County Library.  The meters are packaged in a kit that also contains information booklets and a USB cord to upload data to your computer.

Plug your older fridge or freezer into the electricity meter to collect real-time data that you can use to find how many kilowatt hours your fridge is using.  A simple equation is (wattage x hours used) ÷ 1000 = kilowatt hours.  To find out how much that electricity cost you, simply multiply by the cost of a kilowatt hour in Minnesota, which is around 8.5 cents.  Keep in mind that the useful life of refrigerators and freezers is generally around 9-13 years – so if your freezer is old enough to start middle school, you could save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills to recycle it!

:: Minnesota Energy Challenge

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  1. 5 July 2011 6:25 am

    keep doing the best ! thanks

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