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Pamper Your A/C With Load Control This Summer

28 March 2011

Spring!  Is almost here!  Which means it’s a great time to plan ahead for the cooling season and get your central air upgraded by joining an A/C load control programIf you’re running central air without being part of load control, you’re losing out on guaranteed savings – and making your system work harder than it needs to!

Load control programs are FREE and easy: all you have to do is contact your electric utility.  They’ll send an electrician to your house to install what amounts to a simple switch on your central air’s compressor (and since that’s outside, you don’t even need to be home!).   This switch allows your utility to cycle your compressor on and off at 15 min intervals at times of high demand – those days where everyone in Minnesota is cranking up the A/C.  Since your furnace fan keeps blowing, you won’t notice a difference in comfort – but you could get up to 15% discount on your electric bills from June through September!

:: Minnesota Energy Challenge – Take a Load Off

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