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Plant a Tree, Increase Property Values

11 March 2011

Whenever my mom comes to visit me from my hometown of Albuquerque, the first thing she always says after getting off the plane is: “There are SO MANY trees here!” For a desert kid, moving to a city with an urban forest of nearly a million trees was a major plus.  In fact, I first truly fell in love with Minnesota in the fall, watching trees turn red and orange around me.  Little did I realize that trees aren’t just beautiful – they also increase property values and energy efficiency!

Research indicates that homeowners are willing to pay 3-7% more for properties with trees.  Not to mention that with some smart placement, trees can also help reduce utility bills!  Planting trees on the north and northwest side of the house help provide wind breaks, cutting down on our heating bills by as much as 3% and increasing the comfort of our homes.  All told, the urban forest in Minneapolis helps save the city more than $6.8 million in energy costs each year.

And now, if you’re a Minneapolis property owner, you can purchase a six foot tall tree with a one inch trunk for just $25! Pre-ordering begins on Monday, March 14th through the TreeTrust.Org website or by calling  (952) 767-3880.  Your house will thank you.

:: MNTrees.Org, Minneapolis Urban Forest, Tree Trust.Org

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