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Hennepin County Now Recycles “Electronic Media”!

2 March 2011

As more and more people make the transition to MP3s and live-streaming movies and TV, we’re starting to build up more and more electronic trash.  Sure, you can trade or donate old CDs and movies, but what do with old flash drives, cassette tapes and jewel cases?  Thanks to Hennepin County, you can take that out of your trash and recycle it!

Hennepin County will accept computer disks, DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray discs, video cassettes, audio cassettes, game cartridges, Secure Digital (SD) memory cards, flash drives, plastic cases and jewel cases, ink jet and laser toner cartridges and vinyl records.

So, if you can’t sell it on eBay or drop it off at your local Goodwill, take your e-trash to Hennepin County’s recycling facilities at 1400 West 96th Street in Bloomington and 8100 Jefferson Highway in Brooklyn Park and get rid of it guilt-free.


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