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Get Paid to Recycle Your Beer Fridge

18 February 2011

You know, I have a thing for the avocado green fridges from the ’70s ( I just love the style).  But those fridges can add an extra $100-$200 to your electricity bill each year you leave them plugged in. Beer fridges – especially if you’re only keeping a few dusty bottles of PBR in them – are a bulky, heavy, costly source of energy waste in Minnesota homes.  If you are an Xcel Energy customer, you are in luck because they will pay you to recycle your old fridge!  In fact, they will send a crew to your home to pick up your beer fridge and bring it to a local recycler – then pay you $35 for the pleasure of doing so.  Not an Xcel customer?  Check with your local utility, they may offer rebates to cover the cost of recycling in your area.

Don’t let your old beer fridge bog down your electricity bills – recycle it and use that cash for something a little more fun!

:: Minnesota Energy Challenge: Out with the Old, ARCA Incorporated

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