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Don’t Put Your Savings on HOLD!

9 February 2011

I have a very important announcement for all owners of programmable thermostats.  Are you listening?  Okay, here is goes – HOLD IS NOT A PROGRAM!  Programmable thermostats are marvelous for homeowners with forced-air furnaces: instead of constantly having to adjust the temperature when you leave and come back to your house, you can set a program that will do all the work for you!  Instead of heating your home when no one is home – and having to pay for heat that you’ll never get to take advantage of – your programmable thermostat can lower the temperature and your utility bills.  There is a hold button that should be used only when you are on vacation to keep your low settings active until you return.  If you’ve set your programmable thermostat on hold, you’re also putting your savings on hold! Get off hold and set back the thermostat by 8 degrees for 8 hours while no one is home during the day and at night to take advantage of these wonderful helpers.

:: The Minnesota Energy Challenge: Get With the Program

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