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Does cleaning refrigerator coils save energy?

24 January 2011

Have you ever heard that cleaning your fridge coils will help you save energy?  The theory is that by removing the dust and dirt that builds up on the coils, you will help the fridge cool more efficiently.  Next time you hear this, however, speak up – it’s an energy myth! Despite the common-sense nature of this tip, efforts to actually measure any energy savings from cleaning fridge coils have come up empty handed, so you can cross that off your to-do list.

:: Home Energy Magazine

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  1. 26 January 2011 8:34 am

    I can’t speak to the energy efficiency myth, but my standard top-freezer fridge (made after 2000) stopped working – the side was hot to the touch but the fridge and freezer couldn’t keep things cool at all. Cleaning the coils fixed the problem and had it working again immediately.

    • 26 January 2011 4:57 pm

      Tawny: Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!


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