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Easy Winter Actions: Water Heater Temp

12 January 2011

Looking for a few simple actions to take this winter to reduce utility bills without touching your thermostat?  Here’s an easy one that will reduce energy waste  – making sure your water heater is set to the proper temperature.  Your water heater should be set to 120°, which is usually marked by a triangle, hashmark or square on the temperature dial.  This is good for two reasons: first, turning your water heater down just 10° can help knock $20 off your annual energy bills and secondly, keeping your water heater at the right temperature keeps your family safe. At 120° it takes over 5 minutes for someone to get a 2nd or 3rd degree burn – but if your water heater is set just 10° higher, it can take just SECONDS for someone to get accidentally scalded.  Save energy, stay safe!

:: Minnesota Energy Challenge: Don’t Get Burned By Hot Water

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