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Recycle Your Holidays 2010: IT’S BACK

23 November 2010

Over 100,000 pounds. That’s how many old wasteful incandescent light strings were recycled in Minnesota last year through the Recycle Your Holidays program – and it’s baaaaack!

Recycle Your Holidays recycles every part of the light strings locally, from the copper to the little light bulbs.  It takes a lot of energy to mine copper, so turning in those old lights won’t only help save you some money during the holiday season – it also helps Minnesota businesses save money, too! According to CERTs, a partner in the program, recycling 50,000 lbs of old incandescent light strands this winter could save as much energy as taking more than 80 cars off the road for the year.

And as an added bonus, many hardware stores and utilities are offering rebates on the new, long-lasting energy rock star LED light strands, so it’s cheaper than ever to update your decorations this year.

:: Recycle Your Holidays

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