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Thanks from the Energy Challenge

23 November 2010

Here at the Energy Challenge HQ, we’re thankful for many things:

  • The volunteers who have contributed time to promoting the Energy Challenge at their schools, congregations and businesses;
  • Working for an awesome nonprofit with wonderful coworkers who bust their butts every day to bring the best energy efficiency programs to the citizens of Minnesota;
  • Moose & Sadies, whose insanely good pastries and coffee have brightened up and fueled many of our days;

And, last but certainly not least, we are thankful for the more than 26,000 Minnesotans who are part of the Minnesota Energy Challenge family, pledging to save energy and sharing their accomplishments with us. The members of the Energy Challenge inspire me and motivate me every day – thank you for your sense of humor, your patience and your commitment to the Minnesota Energy Challenge!

Happy Thanksgiving, dear reader. Enjoy your tryptophan coma!



[Image: Thanksgiving turkey, Originally uploaded by WishUponACupcake]

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