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Cold Weather Rule Now in Effect

15 October 2010

As of today, the cold weather rule is in effect for Minnesota, which means that even if you can’t afford your heating bills this winter, your utility cannot shut off your heat as long as you take the proper steps to keep your heat on. If you default on your bills and never contact your utility for help, they can shut off the heat.  So, if you get a disconnection notice from your utility, do NOT ignore it – instead, call them to set up a payment plan and stay safe and warm this winter.

You can also use some simple energy efficiency strategies to reduce your heating bills this winter:

  • 8 for 8 – turn your thermostat down 8 degrees for 8 hours while you are sleeping, or when there is no one in the home during the day.  This one action can reduce your bills by 16%!
  • Regularly change your furnace’s air filter (about once a month) to keep it operating at the highest efficiency
  • Weatherstrip your doors and windows to prevent costly air leaks
  • Use plastic weatherizing wrap on your windows to improve comfort

:: Public Utilities Commission, Minnesota Energy Challenge (Heating Tips)

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