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Heating: Electricity vs. Natural Gas?

6 October 2010

What’s the deal about heating with electricity versus natural gas in Minnesota?

With a variety of technology available for home heating, I’m starting to get questions about electricity vs. natural gas more often.  Traditionally, electricity is three times more expensive that natural gas, and since the Minnesota heating season is so long, dark and arduous, heating with electricity can get expensive.  In fact, it can be up to two times more expensive than heating with natural gas furnaces, especially those with 90% and above efficiency ratings.  In fact, you can see the difference using this easy calculator to compare the performance and cost of different systems.  Using the defaults, and not including the cost of air conditioning, it costs $3,832 a year to heat with electricity, and $2,131 a year with natural gas – almost half as much.

:: HVAC Calculator

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