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EPA Proposes Grading Cars on Efficiency

31 August 2010

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation are proposing a letter grading system for fuel efficiency for all cars: A, A+ or A- for electric cars, all the way down to a D for the least efficient (no F’s – everyone is graded on a curve).  While cars are already labeled with fuel efficiency estimates in miles per gallon, these new letter grades show how cars fall in the whole spectrum of efficiency.  These new labels would also show how much gas money you would keep in your pocket over a five year period by going with a higher-efficiency vehicle.

Of course, this labels won’t address some other factors when it comes to purchasing a car – like needing to buy a less-efficient truck for a business or a van for a large family – but it will give consumers a quick and easy way to judge the efficiency of new vehicles.  If you’re looking for a new car right now, you’ll have to wait – the EPA hopes to start handing out the report cards in 2012.

:: Marketplace (American Public Radio), National Public Radio

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