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September/October Home Energy Checklist

30 August 2010

Before we do our annual swan dive into the most energy intensive time of year for Minnesotans, it’s a great time to check a few minor actions off your list and get them out of the way.  Here’s the Home Energy Resource MN basic care checklist for September and October!

Here at Minnesota Energy Challenge HQ we’d like to particularly recommend one action:

15. Clean dryer vent.

If you clean your own clothes, you have probably already figured out that your dryer works much better when you clean the lint trap after every load.  This keeps hot air circulating freely and dries your clothes quicker.  However, the lint trap is not the only place that can get clogged up on your clothes dryer.  The vent that leads outside can also get blocked with lint, so make that your energy efficiency maintenance action for September and make sure your dryer vent is clear – and venting outside!  Dryers that vent inside can cause  indoor air quality and moisture issues.

:: Home Energy Resource MN

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