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Your Guide to Getting to the Fair

23 August 2010

The Great Minnesota Get-Together starts this week, yay!  However, this will also herald the beginning of some seriously insane traffic as well.  As you and your family make your way towards the State Fair, consider doing some smart transit and utilizing our abundant public transportation system instead of driving – you’ll feel less stressed out, save some money on gas and parking and feel refreshed and ready to conquer the Fair!

  1. Free park-n-ride. You want to get close to the Fair, but don’t want to pay for parking?  Catch the free park-and-rides from 34 different locations.  Personally, I am partial to the U of M campus which has TONS of parking and bike racks (and is close to I-94 for a quick getaway).
  2. Metro Transit Regular Routes. You can catch regular Metro Transit routes to the State Fair and use your regular bus pass ($1.75 or $2.25 during rush hour).  Hop onto routes 960 (from Downtown Minneapolis to the Fair in 15 minutes!), 3 or 84 to get one step closer to the butter sculptures.
  3. Express buses. If you’re from greater Minnesota or surrounding suburbs and you don’t want to have to deal with metro traffic, express buses are a great inexpensive option.  You can catch express buses from 17 metro locations ($5 round trip with free parking).  Right now Metro Transit is selling Bus Bargain Tickets for their express buses for $15 , which is a good option for groups of four traveling together.
  4. Bi-Pedal Transportation. Biking to the fair is also a great smart option.  Not only are you able to skip the traffic lines, but you’ll also work off at least half of your deep-fried cheese curds on the way!  The Fair provides three free, no-hassle bike corrals.

Enjoy the Fair – we’ll see you around the Eco Experience building!

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