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Challenge + Monitors = Real Actions

13 August 2010

I like Suzanne LaBarre’s recent article on Co.Design about the newest home energy monitor from Belkin, the Conserve Insight.  Belkin is getting a reputation for creating useful and sleek energy monitoring, measuring and saving devices that combine utility and a slightly more sophisticated design aesthetic.  The Conserve Insight is meant to help measure the amount of electricity, money AND carbon emissions being used by electric devices.  But as LaBarre points out, just knowing that your appliances are using too much electricity doesn’t really tel us what to DO about it.

In that sense, Conserve Insight (and ballyhooed products like it, such as the Kill-A-Watt) is both silly and genius: The perfect symbol of an age where you can never really be sure what “green” means. Every day, we get more and more information about living better–but less and less understanding of how to do it.

This is exactly why we created the Minnesota Energy Challenge! The website has tons of information on actions that you can take in your home to reduce your energy use – and the resources you need to make it happen.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the knowledge that your home uses a ton of electricity and no clue where to start, come over to the Challenge and look at the Easy and Free categories of actions.

:: Co.Design, Minnesota Energy Challenge

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